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Starter Content

A FLAMES plug-in and multiple example scenarios that allow you to get started using the FLAMES Engine quickly.


The Starter content includes a FLAMES plug-in with component classes that simulate a wide variety of real world systems. Also included are airspace, atmosphere, and effect classes plus multiple 2D and 3D view overlays. The components and multiple example scenarios will help you get started using the FLAMES Engine quickly. Learn more

See the Starter Content Source Code item in the FLAMES Store for information on how to get the source code for the Starter component classes.

What's Included:
A FLAMES plug-in containing many component classes
Example scenarios constructed using the Starter component classes
Documentation on the Starter component classes and example scenarios

What Else Must be Installed:
The trial or unrestricted version of the FLAMES Engine

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Starter Content Source Code

Source code for the Starter Content component classes.