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A set of powerful yet easy-to-use applications that allow you to create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios using any FLAMES-compatible plug-ins.


The FLAMES Engine applications allow you to execute the software in FLAMES-compatible plug-ins. When the FLAMES Engine applications start, they dynamically load the specified set of plug-ins. These plug-ins contain component classes that simulate the behavior of real-world systems. Using the proper plug-ins and component classes, you can create, execute, visualize, and control almost any scenario imaginable. Learn more

All of the applications of the FLAMES Engine are included in the FLAMES Developer. You do not need to download or install the FLAMES Engine if you have already downloaded and installed the FLAMES Developer.

A no-cost license to the Trial Version of the FLAMES Engine in included with each license to the FLAMES Developer. The Trial Version supports nearly all of the features of the FLAMES Engine and the Engine options. However, the Trial Version limits the size and duration of scenarios, and it may be used only (1) to conduct a short-term evaluation of FLAMES capabilities and (2) to debug and test the software developed using the FLAMES Developer. Any other use of Trial Version is strictly prohibited. You must purchase this unrestricted license to the FLAMES Engine to unlock its full capacity and to be authorized to use the FLAMES Engine for other than evaluation and software development purposes.

What's Included:
Terrain Importers
Icon Editors
Full FLAMES Documentation set

You must install or develop FLAMES plug-ins in order to create and execute FLAMES scenarios with the FLAMES Engine. Plug-ins are included in Content items in the FLAMES Store. You can develop your own plug-ins using the FLAMES Developer.

For more information on each of the available types of licenses, see Software Licensing.

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FLAMES Developer

The software and tools you need to develop FLAMES plugins and create custom, FLAMES-based simulations. Includes the Trial Version of the FLAMES Engine.

Enhanced Analysis Option

Perform automated parametric trades studies, Monte-Carlo analysis, and sensor coverage analysis.

CIGI Option

Communicate with image generators using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI).

Checkpoint/Restart Option

Restart a scenario execution from a pre-defined point using the data stored in a checkpoint file.

DIS Option

Communicate with other simulations using the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol.

High Level Architecture (HLA) Option

Communicate with other simulations using the High Level Architecture (HLA) tools and standards.

Network Database

Access a FLAMES scenario database hosted on a remote server and collaborate with other users editing the same scenario.

FLAMES Starter Content

A FLAMES plug-in and multiple example scenarios that allow you to get started using the FLAMES Engine quickly.

FLAMES Tutorial Content

A FLAMES plug-in and example scenarios that help teach the fundamentals of creating, executing, controlling, and visualizing scenarios using the FLAMES Engine.