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FLAMES Developer

The software and tools you need to develop FLAMES plugins and create custom, FLAMES-based simulations. Includes the Trial Version of the FLAMES Engine.


The FLAMES Developer provides the libraries and include files you can use with an integrated development environment (IDE) to modify and create FLAMES component classes and build them into FLAMES plugins to create FLAMES-based simulations. You can modify the source code of existing FLAMES-compatible classes or create your own classes to simulate the behavior or almost any land, air, sea, or space system imaginable at any resolution or fidelity. The FLAMES Developer includes the FLAMES Unreal Engine Option.

See the Source Code items in the FLAMES Store to learn how to download the source code to a large number of FLAMES-compatible component classes. You can modify this source code or use it as the starting point for the development of new classes.

The FLAMES Developer includes all the applications of the FLAMES Engine. If you download and install the FLAMES Developer, you do not need to download or install the FLAMES Engine.

A license to the FLAMES Developer includes a no-cost license to the Trial Version of the FLAMES Engine that is valid for the duration of the FLAMES Developer license. The Trial Version supports nearly all of the features of the FLAMES Engine and the Engine options. However, the Trial Version limits the size and duration of scenarios, and it may be used only (1) to conduct a short-term evaluation of FLAMES capabilities and (2) to debug and test the software developed using the FLAMES Developer. Any other use of Trial Version is strictly prohibited. You must purchase an unrestricted license to the FLAMES Engine to unlock its full capacity and to be authorized to use the FLAMES Engine for other than evaluation and software development

What's Included:
Trial Version of FLAMES Engine
C and C++ include files
FLAMES object libraries
FLAMES component development tools
Full FLAMES Documentation set

You must have a FLAMES-compatible integrated development environment (IDE), such as Microsoft® Visual Studio, installed on your computer to develop FLAMES plug-ins with the FLAMES Developer.

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