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Unreal Camp Pendleton Content

An example Unreal Engine game and example scenarios that illustrate some advanced ways FLAMES and Unreal can be used together.


The Unreal Camp Pendleton Content includes a component plugin, multiple scenarios, documentation, and an Unreal Engine game that provide examples of some of the advanced ways that the FLAMES Unreal Engine option allows FLAMES and Unreal Engine to be used together. The documentation describes the component classes contained in the plugin and each of the Unreal Camp Pendleton scenarios. Installing and examining this content is a great way to advance your understanding of the FLAMES Unreal Engine option.

What's Included:
A FLAMES plug-in containing cognition models that control FLAMES Hybrid Units
Multiple example scenarios that illustrate how FLAMES and Unreal Engine can be used together
The Unreal Engine game that is used in the example scenarios
Documentation on the models in the plug-in and the example scenarios

The trial or unrestricted version of the FLAMES Engine
The FLAMES Starter Content
(The Unreal Engine does not need to be installed to use this content. However, your computer must meet the requirements for executing Unreal Engine games.)

The complete Unreal Editor project in source form for the Unreal game included in this content is available in the Unreal Camp Pendleton Game Project in the FLAMES Store. Information on how the get the complete source code for the component classes contained in the plugin is available in the Unreal Example Source Code in the Store.

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